Production of stainless steel and aluminium hydroformed components for cars and motorcycles

An important sector for Inoxveneta is the automotive market. The company develops and provides stainless steel and aluminium components for exhaust and intake systems of high-performance cars and motorbikes, manufactured using hydroforming technology from stainless steel and aluminium tube, integrated with other complementary processes.

It uses the experience and knowledge developed in over 40 years of activity in the manufacturing of stainless steel tube and sheet for the production of high performance exhausts for cars and motorcycles. Thanks to the hydroforming technology Inoxveneta is able to offer high quality and performance products.

Hydroforming for the production of car and motorcycle silencers, exhaust systems and catalytic converters

Also in the automotive sector, therefore, the hydroforming process enables the realization of innovative applications and more performant products characterized by:

  • complex shapes and structures
  • reduced or absent presence of welded parts, improving also the structural characteristics
  • high repeatability and linearity
  • reduced weight, to reduce the fuel consumption as well as the environmental impact of vehicles

Hydroformed components for Exhaust car-system

Hydroformed automotive components

Mufflers and silencers for motorcycles

Flanged exhaust systems

Flanged exhaust systems


Y-shaped tube for DeNOx systems

Y-shaped tube for DeNOx systems with SCR catalytic technology

Stainless steel exhaust systems

Tail pipes

Production of stainless steel exhausts for sports car and motorcycle

Inoxveneta Automotive applications are designed for the most performance vehicles, such as “premium” and “sporting” or “commercial” vehicles, where are required a great fluid dynamics, lightness and durability of the products. High performance that must be combined with shrinking compartments spaces and operating characteristics more and more critical for temperature and vibration.

The know-how developed in over 40 years of experience in the stainless steel field combined with the hydroforming process, leads our company to propose distinctive capabilities in the automotive market applications.

One of these abilities is surely the production of “Y-pipes” that is the DeNOx catalytic systems with SCR technology (Selective Catalyst Reduction) where the injection of UWS (aqueous solution of urea) mixed with the exhaust gase,s brings the values of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) within the increasingly stringent limits that international environmental regulations impose.


The solutions studied and applied by Inoxveneta for this range of components are designed to optimize:

  • compactness of the SCR system
  • selection of processable materials (austenitic and ferritic stainless steel)
  • distribution of the pipe wall thickness
  • fasteners and precision in the “directionality” of UWS injector


Inoxveneta has also developed excellent skills in relation to pre and post hydroforming (IHU) process, such as tube bending, annealing, laser cutting (including 3D laser cutting), welding (MIG, TIG, microplasma, laser): all available in-house and willing “in sequence” inside the Automotive department in the Vittorio Veneto factory.

We have the ability to select the optimal parameters and integrate processes in the production sequence, in the manner and time as to allow the maximum performance of the products, in terms of production cost optimization.

Production Engineering: In-house Process Chain


Mat. handling

– acceptance & tracking

– incoming inspection

– to-legth cut

– Erichsen test

Erichsen test



– bending

– pre-forming

– annealing

stainless stell processing



– high-pressure hydroforming

– intermediate annealing

– in-tool hole punching

Hydroforming press



– 3D laser cutting

– trimming

– stamping

– welding

– calibration

Robotic welding


– deburring

– checking by CF

– 3D laser scan

– durometer

– Mass. spectrom.

stainless steel polishing

The company operates following the requirements of the automotive sector, including the products development process and the project management. Inoxveneta SpA is MAQMSR (IATF 16949) compliant.
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