Aseptic pressure vessels designed to provide the perfect storage conditions for liquids – with low and high acidity alike – undergoing sterilization treatments. The polished finish of the internal surface to grade Ra<0.4 ensures the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness. We can deliver custom projects to suit individual requirements, and provide customized components, accessories and finishing.

Customizable and project-based solutions


Steel types
AISI304/304L – EN 1.4301/1.4307
AISI316/316L – EN 1.4401/1.4404

Our welding processes are certified to DIRECTIVE 2014/68/EU pressure equipment (PED). EN ISO 15609-1 compliant WPS-WPQR manual and robot welding.

Flexible bathches, standard and customized projects
We manufacture products designed to standard specifications or customized to suit custom projects.
We can also produce small batches, and so deliver better flexibility and efficiency.

Among the various technologies, hydroforming makes it possible to efficiently form stainless steel, using a flexible approach to mould construction and efficient manufacturing processes with short set-up times.

Internal polishing and finishing with roughness values as low as less than 4 microns.


Experts in stainless steel fabrication with years of experience in the food, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, markets where we can land our expertise and the technological strengths of our manufacturing facilities.





Standard range. Customization options.

  • Tank diameter range: 350 – 550 – 650 – 700 mm.
  • Sleeve heights: da 200 a 800 mm.
  • Capacity: da 30 a 150 l.
    Customization options:
    – tank dimensions / diameters
    – tops and bottoms available concave, convex or flat
    – types of welding (with or without filler material)
    – pressure vessel accessories: basements, pipe connections and valves.

Key strengths

  • In-house R&D department for customized projects and co-design.
  • PED certified robot and manual welding process.
  • Automated finishing systems.
  • Hydroforming technique for shaped components (top panels and/or bottoms): cheaper moulds, fast set-up times, improved surface evenness of the formed piece.
  • Reachable roughness grades: lower than 4 μm (Ra<0.4).
  • Leakage test..
  • Guaranteed traceability of the entire production process: raw materials, suppliers, machining and finishing operations (performed exclusively in the Inoxveneta facilities), testing.

Product quality control

  • Faro 3D laser scanning arm.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement.
  • Erichsen cupping test.
  • Rockwell hardness tester.
  • Roughness tester.

Some examples of our processes

Manual TIG welding ensures perpendicularity on non-level surfaces (concave or convex).

Weld repair with mechanical and/or electrolytic cleaning.

EN ISO 15609-1 compliant robot welding procedure.

Finishes with reachable roughness values lower than 4 μm (Ra<0.4).

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