Product and process engineering

This is one of the aspects that makes us incredibly proud of our job. R&D, indeed, help us to accompany and sustain our Customers in the product development: from the market and project research to the prototyping and pre-series.

For us the assistance in the products development and in the research of the most economical industrialization solutions, are two fundamental and strategic activities for both ourselves and our customers.


Our operations include the following:


Product design

Production process model

Prototypes and pre-series


Strongly oriented to co-makership, we are able to develop the products in collaboration with our Customers through a complete and integrated management of all the necessary activities. Our working method allows us to fully satisfy Customer requests making us an indispensable guarantee for the new product and its competitiveness.

Project design

Project design comes after a careful study of the Customer’s specific needs which will indicate the necessary dimensions, functions and every technical requirements. Additional details, such as delivery times and expected life of the product will also be taken into account at this point in order to define conditions that permit us to offer the expected results.


Production process

The production process model is so closely bound to the product design that perhaps it would be more appropriate to refer to it as the “integrated production-product model”. This operation aims to create an optimum production cycle and design the specialised machinery required to optimise the production process, such as dies, soldering templates, assembly lines etc, taking into consideration both costs and quality. As for hydroforming and elastoforming, the construction of dies and tools are run in-house by Inoxveneta.


Prototyping and pre-series

Finally, the idea become shape due to the prototyping, even if the CAD systems permit numerous trials. So often the creation of prototype is the final phase before the final production. Prototypes are themselves assembled in a specialized department with highly trained and equipped personnel using production line machinery.


Engineering does not end here: we are committed to periodic reviews that keep our product up to date so that throughout its life cycle it will continue to be absolutely competitive. In this context our R&D department works constantly to monitor competitors’ products and carry out essential technical analysis.



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