Hydroformed tubular housing

High quality austenitic stainless steel tubular casing

The manufacture of thin-walled stainless steel products requires experience, attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge of materials. In this field Inoxveneta has reached levels of absolute excellence, thanks to its considerable expertise gathered in sheet metal working and in sheet metal and tube hydroforming.

Client needs and requirements

A manufacturer of sophisticated electronic equipment – applied in industries of food, pharmaceuticals, environment and curing – has developed a highly innovative product that requires an AISI316L (EN 1.4404) stainless tubular casing with complex forms and very demanding quality standards:

These project requirements were necessary to ensure the functionality and durability of the device. Knowing these specifications were beyond traditional sheet metal forming, the customer turned to Inoxveneta to develop the project with hydroforming technology. Hydroforming was indeed the obvious choice for producing a perfect tubular housing because it’s able to form tube from the inside without any mechanical contact offering an excellent inner surface.

Our solution: hydroforming

Inoxveneta developed the project with cutting-edge welding and hydroforming technologies, and fashioned a perfectly functional tubular casing in full accordance to client specifications.

Following lab and field tests, production commenced and the apparatus was successfully introduced in the market, with volumes progressively ramping up. Most of all, the first units that were installed in production lines have now been operating for months, effective proof of performance and reliability to the customer’s best expectations.

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