Examples of hydroforming and elastoforming applications

Below you can find some examples of applications of hydroforming, elastoforming and stainless steel machining, in different industries: from food processing to automotive, from furniture to refrigeration. They are case studies that shows our approach, methods and quality of our job.

  1. Hydroformed tubular housing
  2. Joint panel for refrigerated counters
  3. Coffe machines
  4. Exhaust system for motorcycles
  5. Design furniture
  6. Energy production
  7. Hydroformed side panels
  8. High level, professional coffee machine with entire body in hydroformed stainless steel
  9. High and mid-level professional coffee machines obtained by hydroforming
  10. Hydroformed coffee machine drip trays
  11. Hydroformed tubes for luxury car exhaust systems
  12. Dispensing tube installed in professional ice cream machines
  13. Sink for water distribution column




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