High level, professional coffee machine with entire body in hydroformed stainless steel

Our customer’s need

Our customer was looking to develop a brand new high-end coffee machine with an innovative shape clearly inspired by the curvy, attractive lines of high-performance cars. This was a key element of the project. Stainless steel was chosen as the preferred material instead of plastic, because the customer wanted to minimize investments in equipment and also obtain a very stylish product in collaboration with one of the most successful design studios operating in the automotive sector.

Our solution: entirely hydroformed body

Hydroforming AISI304 stainless steel sheet perfectly met all requirements, guaranteeing outstanding quality in all respects, process flexibility and very low investments in equipment. Our customer was extremely pleased with the quality of the coffee machine, which was widely acclaimed at the most important trade fairs in the sector. Hydroforming is also perfectly suitable for the production of individual component parts of professional coffee machines such as sides, drip tray, cup tray, front and side bars, etc.

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