Sink for drinking water fountain

Customer needs

Combining design and functionality to guarantee and promote basic hygiene requirements is an absolute must in certain sectors such as the hospitality industry and, in our specific case, on large cruise ships.
An important company operating in this market, specialising in the supply of ice dispensers, asked Inoxveneta to develop the sink for a cold water distribution column.

The solution: hydroformed sink

The technology proposed by Inoxveneta is based on hydroforming, which not only ensures flexibility and cost efficiency in production (much higher than traditional moulding processes), but also offers the possibility of producing a stainless steel sink in a short time, with specific characteristics in terms of accuracy and surface finish according to the customer’s specific requirements.

Material: AISI304.
Main technologies: hydroforming and 3D laser cutting.

Lavello idroformato per colonnina di distribuzione acqua in acciaio inox

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