Hydroformed side panels

Stainless steel refrigerator side panel with 24 stamped guides

In the world of professional cooking and catering, internal refrigerator side panels with stamped guides are considered the best solution, combining a simple design with solidity and easy cleaning.

Unfortunately the traditional punch-and-die systems for stamping guides has always been an issue, as it affects flatness and causes unpleasant waves. Indeed these difficulties have hindered the use of such a solution. For this reason Inoxveneta, leader in professional cooking and refrigeration components, responded to the problem with hydroforming technology.

The result is an AISI 304 (EN 1.4301) stainless steel side panel that combines excellent aesthetics, flatness and clean design. Furthermore hydroforming has proven to allow surprising product flexibility, with side panels with up to 24 guides at just 55 mm pitch!

Today Inoxveneta manufactures hydroformed internal side panels with hydroformed slides for professional refrigerators, meal delivery trolleys and dishwashers.

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