Metalworking always in step with time

Since 2009 Inoxveneta has introduced and developed this innovative technology to provide customers with high quality metal sheet and stainless steel tubes with special geometries and performance. Our aim is to manage and drive the metalworking at an excellence levels to create value for our customers over time.

The characteristics of INOXVENETA SPA are unique in this field of application

  • Specialised engineering
  • Design and manufacture of the dies and tools
  • Large press machine with max. force of 7000 tonnes
  • Working range 2000×1300 mm
  • Water pressure up to 3600 bar

It’s essential for the Designer to work closely with the Inoxveneta R&D so that the hydroforming process will be always at the center of the activity:

  • Design for hydroforming (specific obligations for hydroforming)
  • Integrated development of product and process
  • Use of CAD-CAE instruments for effective feasibility studies

As hydroforming is usually an operation included in a production cycle and it incorporates a number of steps, it’s important to take into account the operations before and after this step. 

Our structure and our approach is flexible, able to communicate effectively with both large international groups and small and medium-sized enterprises. For each customer, we aim to identify the most appropriate flexible operating process, adapting our job to its needs.

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