Stainless steel tubes machining without limits

Thanks to this technique the designers have a total freedom to be creative: tubes hydroforming, in fact, allows them to obtain complex shapes that usually required more expensive and complex processes, such as casting.

In the stainless steel tubes machining, hydroforming is a revolutionary process that allows to obtain extraordinary results, with obvious advantages in terms of time and costs.

The hydroformed tubes reach much superior aesthetic and functional quality levels to those obtained with traditional processes. The hydrostatic pressure, that deforms the tubes, ensures that every single part has endured the same uniform pressure and, consequently, the absence of spring-back as well as great reliability and rigidity.

How tube hydroforming works

  • The tube is placed in a special die
  • The fluid flows into the die
  • The tube is formed by the action of the fluid under pressure (in some cases also due to the action of thrust actuators)
  • The hydroformed tube is removed from the die


Tubes hydroforming process


An ideal technology for:

  • Shaped tubes
  • Conical tubes
  • Tubes with variable diameter/radii
  • Tubes with variable profiles
  • Tubes with derivations (T, Y, etc.)


Hydroforming advantages

  • Simplification and reduction of additional operations
  • Possibility to make holes during the process
  • No junction operations
  • Reduction of the amount of special equipment
  • Reduction of overall costs
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