Hydroforming & Elastoforming Technologies

Advanced hydraulic presses for molding of sheet metal and tubes

Satisfying the needs of our customer is essentianl for us, that’s why we provide to them innovative technologies usually used in advanced sectors such as aeronautical and automotive industries.

Hydroforming and elastoforming technologies help us to see products and processes in an absolutely new and innovative way. Technologies that were once used exclusively in advanced sectors such as aeronautics and automotive industries are now “to hand” in our production districts. One of their major sector of application is the automotive that exploits the inherent characteristics of these molding technologies to produce one-piece structures for the automotive market.

Hydraulic press for hydroforming

Our factories are equipped with 4 special presses large up to 7000 tonne and up to 3600 bar: enormous space for creativity and innovation in producing highly competitive products! The hydraulic presses for hydroforming exploit the high pressure of water to form the sheet metal, creating complex shapes with concavity and a lower weight-rigidity ratio, moreover this solution assures a lower unit cost compared to the traditional techniques.


Hydraulic press for hydroforming


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