Shearing, punching and laser cutting

Precision machining of stainless steel sheets

From shearing to punching, to laser cutting to tapping: we have the technology and the skills needed to perform precision machining. The investment made on the equipment and the training of the team, allows us to guarantee high quality and great results.

After the cutting phase of the stainless steel coils, the sheets metal are ready for the following processes: shearing, punching and laser cutting. In this department Inoxveneta can count on efficient and advanced equipment: 3 FMS FinnPower, one Prima Industrie Domino 3D Laser Cutting cell, 2 Mazak laser cutting machines with an automatic system for loading and unloading, and several stand alone Amada punching systems.

One of our 3D laser cutting machines offers a working range of 3000 mm X 1500 X 400 (X – Y -Z) and a CO2 laser source to 3000W; this machine is also able to manage laser welding for thicknesses up to 8 mm.

More than laser cutting 

Besides the possibility of punching and shearing, our FMS FinnPower machines are able to carry out drawing and tapping operations. One of the FMS machines is fitted with an electric-driven hammer that permits great power saving.  It is also absolutely precise in the sheet punching operations, more so than hydraulic powered punching machines or mechanical ones.

This precise hammer control allows us to make very interesting projects, and sometimes we are able to omit the use of specific dies, making this a very flexible form of technology.

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Quality control and metal finishing

The components prepared during this phase are analysed by a special laser scanner able to match the profile obtained with the corresponding drawing stored in the memory. Shearing, punching and laser cutting are followed by specific finishing activities on the surface of the metal. We are very careful that the pieces do not have any clefts or cracks and we use various machines to ensure this. We use a series of deburring machines for the smaller pieces and also belt deburring machines for the bigger ones.

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