The avant-garde in the sheets metal and tubes trasforming

Our technology focuses on stainless steel (and other metals) sheets and tubes transforming with particular attention to industries that require high standards of dimensional tolerance and great aesthetic accuracy of finishes and surfaces.

As regards the stainless steel hydroforming and the elastoforming processes, Inoxveneta is a precursor of these technologies that has made its own since 2009. Next to these solutions, the company uses also proven processes such as 2D and 3D laser cutting, Tig and Mig welding, punching, bending and metal cleaning in order to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency to the customers.

A complete service: from laser cutting to the final polishing

The company has a range of evolved machines that allows the production of articles of the highest level, able to overcome all the quality controls to which they are subjected. Our technologies for the processing of sheet metal and stainless steel tubes allow us to perform the entire production cycle with extreme precision: from the 2D/3D laser cutting to the molding, from the bending to the punching up to the welding and the final cleaning.

We have invested and we continue to invest in machinery, information technologies and, above all, in human resources, with the unique aim of constantly improving our production system, providing customers with high performing products able to satisfy all their needs.


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