Stainless steel welding and finishing

High quality sheet metal finishing process

An impeccable finishing, especially of those parts that will be in direct contact with the consumer, represents an essential element for communicate the quality of the final product.

We use a variety of welding techniques, some of which are automated: TIG and MIG welding, electric point welding, rolls welding, cycatron and caged welding.  This process, like all the others, is subject to rigorous checks, where necessary using 100% infiltrating liquids.

TIG welding allows us to make products with excellent aesthetic quality, thanks to a particular application with TIG wire feed, internally developed, we are able to produce a joint of great level!


Sheet metal cleaning, polishing and finishing

Another vital aspect is the cleaning and polishing of sheet metal surfaces; smoothing the welding ridges and all exposed edges. Many of our components are aesthetically very pleasing and they are used in objects of very high quality.

With regard to the surfaces finishing, both we and our Customers pay a lot of attention to the shot-peening process, which we make with specialised machinery. We use glass micro-spheres that have been chosen and calibrated in order to produce the desired finish on the steel surfaces.

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